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Enjoy the natural world in sound

              Cities and Memory has launched another fabulous project. This time they explore the natural world in Sounding Nature, "the biggest ever global exploration of the beautiful sounds of nature." Artists from around the...

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How restaurants got so loud

Why are restaurants so loud? Minimalist design and more casual dining are big factors, but restaurateurs know loud spaces encourage faster chewing and more drinking.

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Is noise pollution making you fat?

Is noise pollution making you fat? Stress has been linked to obesity for many years, so why wouldn’t continuous noise from railways, roads, and aircraft be linked to obesity too?

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The sound of silence

Robert Twigger, poet, writer, and explorer, writes about how he rejuvenates himself when he is feeling crushed by noise.

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Tinnitus and what to do about it

Harvard Medical School recently issued a report on tinnitus and what to do about it. Dr. Daniel Fink says the article failed to mention three significant facts.

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