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Hospital noise is bad for health

It’s long been known that hospital noise is bad for health. Dr. Arline Bronzaft wrote about the serious health effects of noise on patients and staff 20 years ago. But the studies continue, as does the noise.

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Human noise threatens marine life

Human noise threatens marine life, a recent study concludes. That’s not surprising, says Dr. Daniel Fink, because all creatures evolved in quiet and loud noise in nature is rare.

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The sound of winter

The sound of winter is starkly different in rural Maine than Manhattan. Jennifer Finney Boylan reflects on the difference and her appreciation of the sound of nothing at all.

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A new insight into hearing

New research shows how a think layer in the cochlea helps humans pick out one voice among many. The findings could lead to better hearing aids. That’s great, but preventing hearing loss is better.

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Preserving the rainforest’s soundtrack

Researchers believe that recording a rainforest’s soundtrack could help preserve it. Click here to learn about bioacoustics and how this burgeoning field hopes to save the world’s rainforests.

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Protecting children’s hearing

Protecting children’s hearing requires preventing exposure to loud sound. Start them young with ear muffs, and don’t give in to their pleas for headphones—you can’t monitor the sound volume if you can’t hear it!

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