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Restaurant noise could cost customers

Restaurant noise could cost customers, writes Mary Bilyeu, The Toledo Blade. Dr. Daniel Fink isn’t sure that would make a difference and suggests regulatory intervention.

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New NYC bill targets siren noise

A new New York City bill would require city ambulances, police cars, and firetrucks to adopt a European two-toned model. The new siren would still be loud, but far less disturbing.

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Consumer Reports tackles tinnitus

Consumer Reports writes about tinnitus, and while the advice is generally sound, the article cites the NIOSH work noise limit as a guide for the general public. That’s wrong and dangerous to health.

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First autism-certified water park opens

The first autism-certified water park opens in Florida, which must be exciting for people with autism and their families. Hope this takes off and more options become available to people who can’t tolerate noise.

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