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Noise affects children’s learning

It seems obvious that noise would affect children’s learning, but it took a groundbreaking study by Dr. Arline Bronzaft to prove it. And now we have a standard for classroom acoustics.

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NPR on misophonia

Dr. Daniel Fink comments on NPR’s recent story on misophonia, commending it for shedding light on a little-known auditory disorder in a thoughtful manner.

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The impact of hearing loss

Dr. Michael Wilkes gives an overview on the impact of hearing loss, how hearing loss leads to social isolation, and why hearing aids are out of reach for most people who need them.

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New NIDCD Director announced

The NIDCD has appointed a new director. Click to learn more about the new director, Debara L. Tucci, M.D., M.S., M.B.A., who began her career as an audiologist.

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