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A new insight into hearing

New research shows how a think layer in the cochlea helps humans pick out one voice among many. The findings could lead to better hearing aids. That’s great, but preventing hearing loss is better.

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Preserving the rainforest’s soundtrack

Researchers believe that recording a rainforest’s soundtrack could help preserve it. Click here to learn about bioacoustics and how this burgeoning field hopes to save the world’s rainforests.

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Protecting children’s hearing

Protecting children’s hearing requires preventing exposure to loud sound. Start them young with ear muffs, and don’t give in to their pleas for headphones—you can’t monitor the sound volume if you can’t hear it!

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The sound of silence

In her piece on white noise, Penelope Green, NY Times, writes about using a sound machine to mask nighttime noise for better sleep. It may help, but nothing is better than actual quiet for a good night’s rest.

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Bikers at risk of profound hearing loss

Bikers are at risk of profound hearing loss, and the source of the problem isn’t what you think. It’s not the obnoxiously loud tail pipes, but wind noise that is damaging bikers’ hearing.

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Is the New York Philharmonic dangerously loud?

Is the New York Philharmonic dangerously loud? A NY Times music critic thinks so. Dr. Daniel Fink says don’t take chances—whether you are going to a rock concert or the philharmonic, bring a pair of earplugs!

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