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Millions of Americans don’t protect their ears

Millions of Americans don’t protect their ears from noise, creating a generation burdened with hearing loss and more. Dr. Daniel Fink wonders if people would be motivated to protect their hearing and fight for quiet if they knew that noise caused hearing loss, tinnitus, and hyperacusis–none of which can be cured.

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The sound of the city

Local governments in Switzerland are using sound specialists to make cityscapes easier on the ears. Click here to read about “the sound of the city.”

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Deja Vu: American Classrooms Are Still Too Noisy

The impact of environmental noise on kids’ performance in public schools is established, and TQC founding member Dr. Arline Bronzaft has been fighting for children’s right to an uninterrupted education for decades. She reflects on the beginning of her fight and advises parents to continue it by demanding noise-free classrooms for their children.

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