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Airplane Noise is a Health Hazard

A recent study by the conservative Mercatus Center at George Mason University labels those who complain about airport noise as NIMBYs. (NIMBY means Not In My Back Yard.) The study conveniently ignores a large body of medical research showing that airplane noise...

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Noise Is the New Secondhand Smoke

Like secondhand smoke, excessive environmental noise involuntarily exposes the public to conditions that increase their risk of disease. In the case of secondhand smoke, the preponderance of scientific evidence linking it to cancer finally convinced decision makers to take action.

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While Noise Injuries Mount, Regulation and Enforcement Are at a Standstill

A founding member of The Quiet Coalition, Quiet Communities Inc. recently contracted with the University of Washington School of Law’s Regulatory Environmental Law and Policy Clinic to investigate various approaches to re-engage federal, state, and local governments to take an active role in addressing noise pollution.

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