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We are a volunteer organization of subject matter experts dedicated to informing the public about noise issues. Learn more about what we can offer by reading the information below and then submit our form. We will respond as soon as possible.

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TQC News Service

TQC’s non-profit digital newsroom is the only news service that updates you 3 to 4 times each week about noise-related scientific research, technology development, law and public policy …Our “beat” is noise, the causes thereof, and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. We continuously scan international, national and local science, technology & general media for stories of interest. Our experts review each piece and write an interpretive brief and/or commentary to help readers understand its value and significance. Our news feed goes to subject matter experts, policy makers, industry leaders, media and interested individuals. Sign up for this free service today.

Consulting Services -- Providing "thought capital" and strategic insight

Corporations, trade groups, professional associations and advocacy groups often want access to ’Thought Capital’ and strategic insight. Many of our experts are experienced consultants to corporations, government agencies, NGOs, professional associations and trade groups. They can help organizations understand and strategically react to the accelerating pace of change in this field, such as the impact of new legislation. Briefings can be as short as an hour or as long as several days, depending on need. This service is available on contract.

If “thought capital” is what you seek, our founders include professionals with advanced degrees, professional experience and academic qualifications from Harvard Business School, Wharton, MIT accompanied by extensive career experience advising leaders of corporations, government agencies, NGOs, foundations, trade groups and associations. They advise clients about the impacts of acoustical phenomenon (such as sound, noise, privacy, and the health and economic effects thereof) on public policy (macroeconomics) and on how to develop effective private-sector strategies (i.e., microeconomic response).

For instance, our business advisers are well-informed about and engaged in, work on “quiet technology & products” through efforts such as the National Academy of Engineering, federal “BuyQuiet” programs, and work with several federal, state and local agencies and NGOs. They also advise on such matters as standards development and building codes that affect demand for products and services.

Corporate clients who have benefited from our expertise on issues related to sound/noise/quiet have included: Aetna, Apple, Armstrong, Cabot, Dupont, GE, Herman Miller, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Philips, Steelcase, St.Gobain and many others.

Corporate advisory services are available on contract at market rates. Services are billed through our not-for-profit services group and income from this work supports the ongoing mission of The Quiet Coalition.

If your company is interested in considering our advisory services, we would be happy to discuss your interest and to put together a proposal for your consideration. Services range from 1-hour boardroom briefings to half-day or full-day educational sessions, to long-term research-oriented assignments aimed at matching corporate competencies with market opportunities.

Speaker Bureau - experienced, public advocates
Experts accelerate change by laying out the facts and your options for action. TQC’s experts are effective, experienced public advocates on matters such as the impacts of noise on health, productivity, quality of life and environment. TQC can provide subject matter experts for public meetings, professional conferences and other kinds of events where well-informed speakers help people understand the issues of noise and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss.
Community Advocacy - our experts testify at all levels of government
TQC’s steering committee members are effective public advocates on matters such as the impacts of noise on health, productivity, quality of life and environment. They are actively involved in expert witness and advocacy work at the international, national, regional and local levels.
Events - learn about our educational workshops and “quiet concerts”
We plan and organize events such as half-day or full-day educational workshops and “quiet concerts” at universities and colleges, as well as in cities and towns across the United States.
Education/Outreach - informing authorities about noise
Many of TQC’s experts have university teaching experience as well as strong commitment to community activism. They are uniquely able to speak with authority on the issues covered by The Quiet Coalition.
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