Founding Members

Chairs and Directors

Founding Chair: Daniel Fink, MD

Vice Chair: David M. Sykes

Program Director: Jamie L. Banks, PhD, MSc

Administrative Board

David M. Sykes — David Sykes is the co-founder and Executive Chair of the Acoustics Research Council (ARC), a national non-profit formed in 2004 to research, develop and promulgate evidence-based acoustical criteria for the Faculty Guidelines Institute and the American Hospital Association.  ARC’s criteria provide a regulatory foundation for hospitals, outpatient facilities and residential care communities across the USA and provide the reference standard for USGBC LEED-HC, and for 87 countries outside the USA. Mr. Sykes is lead author of “Sound & Vibration” (Springer-Verlag), co-author of “Sound Matters” (US-GSA) (pdf), and a contributor to the National Academy of Engineering report, “Technology for a Quieter America.”

Jeanine Botta — Jeanine Botta serves as an educator and navigator to patients, families, and caregivers who are considering oncology clinical trial participation.  Previously she worked as a research assistant on an HIV intervention project, and freelanced as a medical copy editor.  She cofounded the Silence the Horns project, a grassroots effort advocating for quiet lock signaling in cars manufactured for the North American market, and facilitates educational events for the Right to Quiet Society for Soundscape Awareness and Protection.

Les Blomberg, MA — Les Blomberg is the founder and executive director of the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse, which serves a vital role in archiving important publications about noise and its effects on health and society and making these available to researchers and activists.  He has also conducted research into noise and its effects, written extensively about noise for magazines, journals, and websites, and advised hundreds of communities, mayors, council members, zoning boards, and police chiefs about understanding and enforcing noise regulations.

Gina M. Briggs, JD, LLM — Gina Briggs is the founder and executive editor of, an online site focused on the dangers of noise, noise activism, and quiet advocacy. She also operates Quiet City Maps, a site dedicated to helping New York City residents and visitors find quiet restaurants, coffee shops, and other spaces throughout the city.  She was a tax lawyer and tax editor prior to founding her websites and serves on the Legal Advisory Council for Quiet Communities, Inc.

John Drinkwater, JD, MBA — John Drinkwater is the founder of, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the medical, scientific, environmental, legal, and public health aspects of unsafe noise, promoting dialogue, and exploring balanced options.’s “Turn Up the Quiet”™ efforts with private sector businesses and government bodies have resulted in positive change at venues such as health clubs, grocery stores, banks, outdoor amplified events and other public places, and has increased awareness and enforcement of existing environmental and other public health laws.

Jeanne Kempthorne, JD — Jeanne Kempthorne is a civil litigator, mediator, former federal prosecutor, and post-conviction defense counsel.  Jeanne is the founder of Good Neighbor Mediation Project, Salem, MA, vice-chair of the board of Common Cause Massachusetts, and serves as co-chair of the Legal Advisory Council for Quiet Communities, Inc.

Monica Hammer, JD — Monica Hammer is an environmental public health lawyer who works in health policy development, implementation, and research.  She is lead author on a widely cited article on developing an effective response to address the adverse health effects of noise pollution in the United States, see Environmental Noise Pollution in the United States: Developing an Effective Public Health Response.

Bryan Pollard, EE — Bryan Pollard is an engineer who has worked in the semiconductor and telecommunications industry.  He is founder and president of Hyperacusis Research, Ltd. (Hyperacusis Research Limited) and serves on the board of the American Tinnitus Association.

Rick Reibstein, JD — Rick Reibstein is an environmental lawyer.  He teaches at Boston University and Harvard Extension School and serves as co-chair of the Legal Advisory Council for Quiet Communities, Inc.

Sidney Shapiro, JD — Sid Shapiro is the Frank U. Fletcher Chair of Administrative Law at Wake Forest University School of Law.  He is one of the country’s leading experts in administrative procedure and regulatory policy, and has consulted with government agencies and testified before Congress on regulatory subjects.

Scientific Advisory Board

Jamie Banks, PhD, MSc — Jamie Banks is the Executive Director of Quiet Communities, Inc. She is an environmentalist and health care scientist dedicated to promoting clean, healthy, quiet, and sustainable landscape maintenance, construction, and agricultural practices.

Paul Barach, MD, MPH — Paul Barach is an academic scientist, board-certified in Anesthesia and Critical Care.  He is a formally trained health services researcher, with advanced post graduate training in quality improvement and lean techniques, and in advanced medical education and assessment methods.  He is a Clinical Professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Michigan.  His research examines the changing nature of health systems, transitions of care, human factors, noise and alarm fatigue, teamwork, leadership and management.  He has over 400 publications, including 4 books, and his work has been widely cited.

Arline Bronzaft, PhD — Arline Bronzaft is a researcher, writer, and consultant on the adverse effects of noise on mental and physical health.  She is co-author of “Why Noise Matters,” author of “Listen to the Raindrops” (children’s book illustrated by Steven Parton), and has written extensively about noise in books, encyclopedias, academic journals, and the popular press.  In addition, she is a Professor Emerita of the City University of New York and Board member of GrowNYC.

Daniel Fink, MD, MBA, FACP — Daniel Fink is an internist in the Los Angeles area. After developing both tinnitus and hyperacusis from a one-time exposure to loud noise in a restaurant, Dr. Fink has become one of the nation’s leading noise activists, publishing several articles on noise issues and prodding the federal government to recognize noise as a health hazard causing deafness and other conditions.  Dr. Fink serves on the Board of the American Tinnitus Association and is Interim Chair of the Health Advisory Council for Quiet Communities, Inc.  Read more.

Philip Landrigan, MD, MSc, FAAP — Philip Landrigan is Professor of Preventive Medicine and Pediatrics and Dean for Global Health at the Arnhold Institute for Global Health of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai .  He is a pediatrician, epidemiologist, and leader in public health and preventive medicine.  Dr. Landrigan’s pioneering research on the effects of lead poisoning in children contributed to the U.S. government’s decision to remove lead from gasoline and paint. He supports restrictions on gas-powered yard maintenance equipment, noting that infants and children are especially vulnerable to disruption of auditory systems and developmental processes from high intensity noise.

Rick Neitzel, PhD, MS, CIH, FAIHA — Rick Neitzel is Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Michigan and a Certified Industrial Hygienist.  He was co-author with Monica Hammer on Environmental Noise Pollution in the United States: Developing an Effective Public Health Response.  His research is in the adverse effects of noise on health, especially cardiac health and injury risk.  He serves on the Health Advisory Council for Quiet Communities, Inc.

Lucy Weinstein, MD, MPH — Lucy Weinstein is a pediatrician and preventive medicine physician who is the Chair of the Committee on Environmental Health of the Long Island (NY) chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and an assistant professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine at SUNY/Stony Brook.

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